posted Jul.26.15 at 12:00 am

Hey guys!

Here's the last page of Chapter 4! With it being done, there's a few changes that will need to be noted!

At the start of Chapter 5, I'll be going back to 2 updates a week - returning to the original schedule of Thursday and Sunday. This won't be a permanent thing but between working, running Agents, other comic projects and getting ready for cons (all by myself!), it's in the best interest of both myself and the comic that I go back to two updates a week in order to keep the quality of this from deteriorating.

Second thing is that I'll be going on a two 1/2 week hiatus while I get going on Chapter 4.5 and get it fully completed. This mini chapter is going to be a bit longer than previous ones (read as about 15 pages haa~), so due to it's length, it'll be updating regularly just like with any other chapter. This in between chapter will be sending us back in time once more, helping us answer a lot of questions that have come up. Like what's the deal with the cryptic dream Norah had? What IS the Force exactly? And can we get some more air time for Folami and Camel being cute? (The answer to this is a very strong yes).

Since this is a shorter break than the last one, there won't be any guest art (also because figuring all of this out was kind of last minute on my part ahah!), so be sure to check back on August 16th for Chapter 4.5 - A History Unheard

Also - Speaking of Cons 

I got accepted to both Topatocon (in Northampton, MA) and MICexpo (in Cambridge, MA) during the Summer and have been working away trying to get a ton of very cool stuff ready for both! Current planned to be there will be the first Chapter/"Issue" of Agents of the Realm (With a special edition cover OoOOoOOOO!!), a brand new comic that I've been working hard on titled Bound Blades that will be premiering, as well as a ton of prints and charms (which you can see an example of below! How conveenienntt~)! 

I certainly hope if you're local, you'll be able to make it! As Con season gets closer, I'll be giving out more information on where to find me and all that jazz (as well increasingly more frantic posts 'cause oh man this is my first time tabling....... aahhhHHH!)

I hope everyone's enjoying the story so far 'cause things... are gonna get ... a bit more real

See ya' soon~