posted Aug.27.15 at 12:00 am

Oh boy, I have been a SERIOUS busy bee and it's definitely not gonna stop for another few weeks! Here's a look at the bookmark I'll have with me at Topatocon and MICExpo:

As well as a look at the cover of the new comic series I'll be premiering titled Bound Blades!

And a bit about it:

Nadia, born a forgotten outcast to society has found her niche in the life of a mercenary. This path leads her to meet an ex high profile merc, Cerene, long gone from the scene but who she's unknowingly been chosen by to be her knew student.

Follow along on the high intensity adventure as Nadia discovers what she expected to be a clandestine career become far more complex the more she builds a name for herself. 

Bound Blades is a Queer High(ish) Fantasy that will become available to read via my online store (Primarily digitally) at the end of September, with a new chapter coming out every month or so (Updating schedule still to be determined!) Convention goers, however, will get a chance to snag a copy before then!