• Ch.8.2 • A Much Needed Break • Paige •
Posted Jan.16.18 at 12:00 am
1/17/2018 UPDATE - Hey guys, just a heads up! I had a slight family emergency that threw my week off quite a bit. Things have calmed down a great deal so the page is still on schedule for thursday, it'll just be up a bit later in the day.

Welcome to the start of Chapter 8.2! I hope you guys are ready to dive into Paige's winter break~!

Now for some new exciting stuff!

I opened up an online tarot reading store this month - A Queen’s Cards! I’m currently offering Year Ahead forecast tarot readings from now until the end of January. I’ll be offering thematic readings for each month so if you’d like to grab one of these before they’re gone, now’s your chance!

As a note for international clients - I am working on setting up a new platform that’s more international friendly. Until then if you’d like a reading, you can send a payment via Paypal for the kind of reading you’d like, including the question or topic of focus as well as the email address you’d like to receive your reading. The new site will be up and running in time for February’s Valentine’s Day themed Readings!